An Exhibition of Real Human Bodies - learning from the dead

Real Human Bodies Exhibition

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learn from the dead

Until a few years ago, looking at cadavers and researching their anatomical features was an area reserved exclusively for physicians in the dissection rooms of universities.

The discovery of plastination and the presentation of display pieces at public exhibitions now allows the public to gain insight into the human body.

An Exhibition of Real Human Bodies


The Human Bodies Exhibition, with a large scientific collection of anatomical exhibit pieces that are educationally valuable, consisting of human bodies, skeletons, limbs, organs, organ blocks, functional simulators, tactile models, and form castings, medical knowledge is conveyed to visitors interested in the subject.
A special theme is about TUMOR: In addition, different types of tumors and exhibit pieces of tumors are displayed and explained.
Detailed explanations, multimedia presentations, and educational tables related to general and specific topics concerning the human body, in addition to exhibit pieces, serve to convey important knowledge.
Key topics are:
The skeleton and the motor system
The brain and the nervous system The sexual organs
Heart and blood circulation Kidneys and urinary tract
Digestive system Sensory organs
Respiratory tract and lung
In addition, the opportunity is offered to deal in detail with the topics of organ donation, cancer, AIDS, alcohol and nicotine.

Online Ticket Price
Children up to 5 years old: free admission

Pupils and students: 12.00 EUR

Retirees/People with disabilities. 12.00 EUR

Adults: 17.00 EUR

Price of tickets
Children up to 5 years old: free admission

Pupils and students: 15.00 EUR

Retired/People with disabilities 15.00 EUR

Adults: 20.00 EUR

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